Astor Bake Shop: Cozy, tasty, and adorable!

By Ilija Sekulovski

Astor Bake Shop is one of the CUTEST bakeries in Astoria. Seriously, located on 12-23 Astoria Blvd, Astor Bake Shop is a corner bakery that is anything but ordinary.

They’ve got a mix of American and European pastries, all of which are made in house and are  ridiculously enticing at 8 am when you get your morning coffee. AND SPEAKING OF COFFEE, Astor gets all their coffee locally from Stone Street Coffee in Red Hook, NY. You can’t go wrong with local coffee.

Astor Bake Shop not only offers dessert, but amazing food as well. They’ve got salads, like this Frisee salad with apple wood smoked bacon, roasted grape tomatoes and red onions, finished with a soft poached egg:

And sandwiches that make lunch a thousand times better. Our personal favorite? The Astor Burger, because who knew adding cole slaw to a burger could make it SO GOOD.

The mastermind behind this adorable joint is Chef George McKirdy, and he’s just as awesome as the food he makes. Chef McKirdy has cooked for people like Nelson Mandela, Julia Child, and was even part of the team at Robert DeNiro’s TriBeca Grill. Astor Bake Shop is Chef McKirdy’s personal labor of love, a love that shines through in every delectable bite of his food.


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