Street Festival Fun this Weekend!

By Ilija Sekulovski


Summer officially starts tomorrow, which means street festivals are in full swing! This weekend is the 45th annual St. Antonio Abate Street Festival, and it’s going on all weekend until Sunday. 

The festival is down Ditmars, from 35th to 38th street, and each block is chock full of food, vendors, and fun. It’s going on every day from 4 to 11, and we just stopped by and snapped some pictures! There’s a lot of people out already, and the weather is thankfully cooler than it’s been the past few days – the perfect weather to get in a few hours of fun.

If you stop by on Sunday, there’s going to be a ceremonial mass at 4:30, taking place at the St. Francis of Assisi Church. There’ll then be a procession through the streets of Astoria – which will be something cool to march in. If you stop by, post some pictures on our page or tag them #givemeastoria!

Here’s some of what we saw:




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