Affordable Shopping – Now Easier in Astoria!

By Ilija Sekulovski

There’s a new consignment shop in Astoria, and its aiming to bring high-quality, affordable items to local residents.

The shop, Sofia’s, is owned by Rabea Oummih, who wanted to create a shop that would be affordable for locals, while still giving them items that were high quality, fashionable, and unique.


Photo Credit: Courer/Angy Altamirano

Originally from Morocco, Rabea’s shop, named affectionately after her her niece, sells many Moroccon made goods. Other items available at the store are clothing, jewelry, furniture, art pieces and more.

We’re glad to see some unique new shops opening up – we just told you guys about The Brass Owl, another shop selling unique jewelry and items. It’s almost guaranteed that you can find something at these shops that isn’t mass produced, and truly individual.

At the shop, Rabea welcomes locals to sell their goods as well – hoping to foster a deeper sense of community within locals – something she looks forward to being part of.

Sofia’s Consignment Shop
32-20 34th Avenue

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