Thieves Steal from Bohemian Hall Beer Garden

By Ilija Sekulovski

Guys, here’s a tip. If you’re going to steal alcohol, don’t do it from a huge place that probably has security cameras. Actually, don’t do it at all.

According to ABC7, “Around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, two of the three suspects climbed a fence behind the Bohemian Hall Beer Gardens at 26-19 24 Ave. in Long Island City. The third suspect stayed behind as a look-out.”

The pair then stole everything you could possibly need for a good night out: tequila, rum, gin, vodka and bourbon. But they didn’t manage to do it without getting noticed. Here’s security footage of the hooligans:

Photo: abc7 news

Photo: abc7 news

If you know them, or have any information, give the NYPD a call at 800-577-TIPS, submit tips at 

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