By Ilija Sekulovski

We don’t want to get your hopes up. Or ours. But could our Chipotle prayers have been answered!?

A user on Reddit dropped this one sentence bomb last night, and its got our burrito-filled hearts beating:

“31st and Ditmars. Pizza Palace out, Chipotle in. That’s the rumor. I hope it is true.

So, we reached out to Pizza Palace – and they have no word on a closing yet. Some fellow Astorians have also been sleuthing, like one of our favorite local tweeters, Astoria Haiku, but they were met with this response from Chipotle:


But we’re wondering: who are you, random tipster!? Is there a possible chance that Chipotle has something in the works, but they’re not ready to let on yet? Is it weird that we’re getting all conspiracy theorist on a fast food spot? Who knows. 

We’ll keep an eye out – and if there is a Chipotle coming to Astoria… you can bet we’ll the first to let you know! 

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