There’s a Haunted House at Sunswick 35/35!

By Ilija Sekulovski

In the midst of our hunt for Halloween fun, an awesome reader, John M., sent us this message:


I frequent Sunswick 35/35 a bunch and in addition to the killer constant rotating craft beer selection ( 20-25 i think) The owner is totally obsessed with Halloween and sets up the entire basement with a haunted house, decorations in the bar, and free shots after you come out of the haunted house! Its always fun and most of the people i talk to in the neighborhood says it’s a crazy fun time every year!


Now, we love homemade Halloween fun, and this sounds like lots off fun.


If you’ve never been to Sunswick 35/35, it’s a really chill, laid back bar that focuses on really great beers, and really fun events. They’re located on the corner of 35th and 35th – hence the name – right across the street from the Museum of the Moving Image. They have 25 different beers on taps – and lots of them are rotating. If you want to get extra Halloween-y, they have some great Fall beers on tap at the moment: Geary Brewing Autumn Ale, Peak Brewing Fresh Cut Pils, Shiner Oktoberfest, and River Horse Brew Hip-O-Lantern Pumpkin Ale.


Have you been to the haunted house before? If you stop by and get spooked, tell us all about it!


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