The Neighborhood: Filmed in Astoria!

By Ilija Sekulovski


There’s a new show called “The Neighborhood,” and it’s filmed right here in OUR neighborhood!

The show is pretty funny, and we’re enjoying what we’ve seen so far. You can watch the pilot episode below.

The show has gotten great reviews so far – it’s the winner of the 2014 New York Television Festival “Audience Award” & “Best Editor.”

Watch the pilot below!

Starring/Created by James Manzello & Matt Pavich
Directed by James Manzello
Edited by Matt VanDaniker
Shot by Ryan Albahary
Designed by Marlena Mer Bellande & Jamie Sofroniou
Produced by James Manzello, Matt Pavich & Marlena Mer Bellande
Music by James Manzello

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