Astoria Acoustics: A Night of Unforgettable Music

By Ilija Sekulovski

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we’re wild about the arts. As Astorians, we’re never more than three feet away from a singer, dancer, painter, poet or a combination of the four plus another talent – so it’s no surprise that when one of our favorite local artists Billy Conahan approached us to sponsor Astoria Acoustics, we were more than excited.


posterThe show brings together three acts: Guitarist Kyle Horn, musical duo Poorly Made, and rapper Billy Conahan – the curator of the show. “I wanted a show that brought together some of Astoria’s greatest acts – something with just simple great music and great performers. I wanted to do a acoustic show from the beginning, and Q.E.D is an amazing venue – I knew the show would be perfect there.”


Each of these artists is amazing to watch. Billy’s stage presence is always captivating, and with Astoria Acoustics he’s taking a one night departure from his intense rapping to go back to his roots as an acoustic singer-songwriter. Kyle Horn is different from any guitarist we’ve ever seen – he flawlessly blurs the lines between strumming and percussion, creating rhythms that play into his music effortlessly. Poorly Made is made up of Mikhael and JP – two friends who were born in London, and met in New York , and found themselves drawn together to play music.


The show will be at Q.E.D, a new venue that we’ve quickly fallen in love with. The space is intimate yet comfortable, and it’s a great place to enjoy live music. There’s a $6 cover, and all ages are welcome! It’s going to be a great night.

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