Warehouse in Astoria Selling for for Millions

By Ilija Sekulovski

If you’ve been ignoring the real estate prices in Astoria, this number might shock you. If you haven’t….well, you won’t be shocked.


An Astoria warehouse recently went up for sale, and the asking price currently sits at a step $8 million. That’s six zeros.


Photo credit: Property Shark


It’s been listed by Epic Commercial Realty, and clearly the name fits, because this is going to make them an epic amount of money. The building is located at 30-11 12th Street off of 30th Avenue,  It’s a three story vacant warehouse, which currently occupies 17,350 square feet – and can be expanded up to 34,700 feet.


So, should we place bets on how quick it’ll go? It’s already approved for residential use so…we’re thinking there might be some new apartments popping up very soon. We could probably afford an apartment there – anyone looking to buy an arm and a leg?



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