Man Beats Heroin-Addicted Roommate to Death With Hammer

By Ilija Sekulovski

As insane as that title sounds – it’s true. 29  year old Jesse Smith, and 18 year old  Quentin Copobianco lived together in the luxury EXO apartments, until Copobianco beat his roommate to death with a hammer yesterday afternoon.


Jesse Smith, from his Facebook page

Jesse Smith, from his Facebook page


The two had been living and working together. Copobianco – who was studying at St. John’s University – was working as a paralegal to Smith before the horrific attack. They both worked at the Povman Law Firm, on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills.


Neighbors said the two lived a lavish lifestyle – dressing in high end clothing, and drinking expensive champagne regularly. Recently, though, it seemed that Copobianco had fallen onto hard times.


The two allegedly were arguing over money – and the argument escalated to murder. Copobianco was immediately arrested – and charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon – the hammer which he used to beat Smith to death.


In the subsequent investigation, police uncovered that Smith had a deep heroin addiction – a fact that his family has vehemently denied.

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