New Gourmet Market in Astoria

By Ilija Sekulovski

Looks like Astoria’s getting a brand new market: Manavi Gourmet Market.

Photo via Twitter: QueensVegan

The market is located at 28-38 31st street, and there’s not much info yet on what’s going to be sold. The windows are covered – so we’re expecting something to show in a few weeks.


We’re interested to see what they offer – since we already have quite a few organic options, such as Greenbay and Vitality and Health, as well as niche ethnic markets, like Titan.


Of course, there’s also the already abundant grocery stores – Astoria has its fair share between Key Food, Trade Fair, C-Town and more.


There’s been lots of calls for a Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods-esque market in the neighborhood – so maybe it’ll go in that direction. If that happens, we’re hoping the prices stay relatively affordable – there’s a reason Astorians love their grocery stores more than the Manhattan priced Whole Foods offerings.


So, what do you think? Do we need a gourmet market? What are you hoping to find there?




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