“Astoria Craft” Bar and Kitchen Coming to 26th Avenue

By Ilija Sekulovski

Once upon a time, the Give Me Astoria headquarters was located in a tucked away corner of Astoria – away from the hustle and bustle we see now on Broadway. We were close to Lorusso’s Pizza, which was one of our favorite family owned spots in the neighborhood. We were super sad to see it go – but it looks like the space has been taken over, and is almost ready to open!


The new resident is Astoria Craft Bar and Kitchen, and they’ve just put up their awning. Here’s some shots of the new restaurant, located at 18-01 26th Rd.



Photo via: Twitter/w0lfnyc

Photo via: Twitter/w0lfnyc


It looks pretty interesting! We’ll keep you updated as we find out more!

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