Coffee Chain Caffe Bene Leaves Ditmars

By Ilija Sekulovski

Oh, Caffe Benne – you had potential. Let’s be real: We’re not completely  sad to see you go. See, Astoria’s becoming a home for more coffee shops than we can count: there’s a new cafe popping up every other week. Some of them are great. Some of them not so much. But there’s one tiny reason we’re a bit happy that you’re now up for sale: We don’t really need anymore franchised shops.


Our mom and pop shops do a great job of making us coffee. We even love the chefs that open up their passion projects in the neighborhood. Heck – give us a local owned cafe and we’ll be in there in a heartbeat. But there’s something about a franchised coffee shop masquerading as an intimate cafe that didn’t sit right with us.




10649779_1555689044650880_7495579277516472474_nWe want to hear your opinions! Maybe we’re being too harsh. What do you think of Caffe Benne being up for sale? The Ditmars spot located at 31-30 Ditmars opened just last October, and is already up for sale for $400,000.

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