Astoria Park Diving Pool to Finally See Change

By Ilija Sekulovski

The designs have been completed, and plans have finally slid into gear as Astoria Park’s less than attractive diving pool is set to be turned into an amphitheater, holding around 500 people, reports DNAinfo.


The pool, which was designed and built by Robert Moses in 1936, once was used for Olympic trials, before the diving area was closed decades ago. Since then, it has been accumulating plant and insect life, causing locals to ask, why is it taking so long?

Credit: Richard Lowry Via

Credit: Richard Lowry Via

The project, according to the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation site, is set to take 12 – 18 months, and the cost will be between $3 – $10 million.

The design of the amphitheater has already been completed, with the procurement at 5%.

Parks Department Spokeswoman Meghan Lalor told DNAinfo that construction should begin in Spring 2016, and that the agency has begun their search for a contractor to take on the project.



Credit: New York Daily News

Credit: New York Daily News

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