Will Astoria See Trader Joe’s Open?

By Ilija Sekulovski


There’s been word that Astoria might just be the next home of a new Trader Joe’s store, especially with the up coming closure of larger venues like Rite Aid, opening up spaces big enough for the fit.


The massive nation wide store started in the 50’s and has opened up locations throughout the country, and they may just have Astoria in their sites.

However will Astorians be happy about this prospect? And does Astoria need another large market, selling affordable food?


Give Me Astoria took to twitter this weekend with that very question, with split votes for and against.

Some locals demolished the idea totally, arguing that Astoria is ‘not just another suburbia‘, stating that Trader Joe’s should stay very clear from the city, while others welcome the added choice of affordable shopping.


Image Via GiveMeAstoria Twitter

Image Via GiveMeAstoria Twitter

Image Via GiveMeAstoria Twitter

Image Via GiveMeAstoria Twitter

Either way, with all the incoming business over the last few years, a change is most definitely on the horizon for the streets of Astoria.

Image Via DNAinfo

Image Via DNAinfo

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