Yoga & Wine Together At Last

By Ilija Sekulovski

Yoga Agora.jpg

Tonight at Winegasm Bar & Eatery, Yoga and Wine will come together to give Astorians a taste of true happiness and wellness hosted by Yoga Agora. 

The event is a focus on specificaly yoga centralized wine. These wines are small productions, handpicked, naturally fermented and have a minimal use of sulfur (the stuff hangover headaches are made from). 

The wines are all organic, bio-dynamic and vegan friendly, for the super health conscious. 


Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks, and good wine can mean the difference between a healthy and joyous life, and one filled with hangovers and inbalances. 

A good wine is like a good session of yoga, every moment fills the body with a blissfull feeling, and afterward you're left floating on a cloud. 

So if you fancy a sample, and some great food, and are in the mood to get together with your Yoga buddies, come down to Winegasm tonight and let the wellness begin!


Where: Winegasm – 31-86 37 St, Astoria, New York

When: 9 P.M

Cost: $20 in advance (718-626-0680), $25 at the door per person.

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