There’s always room for…FroYo

By Ilija Sekulovski


There’s no shortage when it comes to a variety of things to do and eat in Astoria and as December rolls on and give us unseasonably warm weather (we’re not complaining), we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.  We took a stroll over to Vanilla Sky for some frozen yogurt, what we expected and what we came to experienced was anything but…vanilla.

Here’s our chat with one of the Managers, Zach.


Give Me Astoria:

What’s the deal with FroYo?


It’s not all about the Frozen Yogurt, even though it’s the best you’ll ever have. It’s about the bright, warm environment, it’s somewhere to go to regardless if you’re having a good or a bad day. Once you’re here you just want to decompress, indulge and have a good time.


What’s the most fulfilling part of your day?


It has to be the customer interactions. You never know who you’re going to meet and often times, we go on to have friendships outside of the frozen yogurt world.


What’s your favorite flavor and/or toppings?


Cheesecake with cookie dough, Nutella crunch and strawberries.


If you can create your own flavor, what would it be?


Dark Lemon Chocolate with mango topping.


Why Astoria?


I was born and raised in Astoria and this is the best neighborhood, we have everything here, we’re trendy with a city vibe but with a community feel.

Vanilla Sky

Where: 33-18 Broadway

Phone: 347-738-4195

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