The Fascinating World of Japanese School Lunch

By Ilija Sekulovski

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Come learn about one of the most model school lunch systems in the world. In this overview course, we will examine the system’s unique history, as well as how students learn through their food. In addition to touching on school lunch laws and nutritional balance, we will also delve into the unique culture of Japanese school lunch and how these beloved meals continue to influence society.  

About the lecturer:

Alexis Agliano Sanborn has been studying East Asia and Japan for over ten years. Receiving her Bachelor's degree from UC Santa Barbara and her Master's degree from Harvard University, Alexis has lived in Nagoya, Tokyo, and rural Shimane Prefecture. The Japanese school lunch system was the topic of her Master’s thesis at Harvard University. Entitled “Flavoring the Nation,” this was the first comprehensive English-language assessment of this system and has been cited in academic works. 

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