Sweet Scene Slated For Mid-August Opening.

By Ilija Sekulovski


Image: GMA

For some of us, a little something sweet is all we need to get our day started and ended and that is exactly what we will be getting for the Summer of 2016. Sweet Scene, will proudly call 3513 34th Avenue, home. The storefront simply boosts a “Coming Soon” sign that denotes its main selections – Croissants, Sweets, and Gelato.

At times, we get a little caught up in our day-to-day routine and take the simple pleasures that can come from our morning coffee or a refreshing breakfast for granted. Sweet Scene noticed this shift and wanted us to slow it down with a flaky chocolate croissant and a cup a freshly brewed coffee. It is no shocker that the neighborhood is changing, whether it is the newest fusion of flavors to trendiest of food trucks, we love options and variety when it comes to our next Instagram-worthy picture.
Sweet Scene is off of the beaten path of Steinway and right across the street from Kaufman Studios. Let’s welcome this delicious addition to our diverse melting pot and use it as a reminder to slow things down.

Sweet Scene

Where: 35-13 34th Ave, Astoria

Phone: 917-832-7443

Image Via Sweet Scene/FB

Image Via Sweet Scene/FB

Image: Sweet Scene/FB

Image: Sweet Scene/FB

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