Olympic Opening At Katch!

By Ilija Sekulovski

Are you a fan of the Olympics?

Image Via Katch/FB

Image Via Katch/FB

The opening ceremony is tonight, Friday Aug 5th, at 7PM, and you can catch every sparkling and fantastically Brazilian moment of it right here in Astoria, right here – in Katch! Astoria’s very own is giving away specials tonight!

Katch all the events during our business hours with the following specials:

$4 Coors Light
$4 Miller Lite
$5 Heineken

If you’re an Olympics nut, or just wanna have fun in the Olympic atmosphere with freinds and strangers, then get your butt down to Katch and catch some Olympic pride!

Where: 31-19 Newtown Ave, Astoria

Phone: (718) 777-2230


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