Say Goodbye To Summer At Katch!

By Ilija Sekulovski

It’s been fun, and at times it’s been extremely HOT, but as the day’s go by the weather is slowly cooling down as Summer bids us goodbye.

Some will go to the beach, some will take a trip, others will relax at home or picnic in the parks, and then there’s those who wish to go out with a bang.

That’s where Katch comes in, always up for a fun time and giving Astorian’s the place for good vibes, great drinks and wholesome food.

Welcome to, the Katch Kourtyard Bbq Kookout Party – Sunday Aug 28th 3PM – Live DJ

All You Can Drink – Select Draft – from 3PM till 6PM

$25 Admission  –  $5 BBQ Entrees

So if you are a fan of the BBQ, and wanna enjoy the last remnants of summer before it ends, then come down, bring a friend or five and enjoy!

Where: 31-19 Newtown Ave. Astoria.


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