UPDATE: Van Crashes Into Astoria Food Truck, 2 in critical condition

By Ilija Sekulovski

A white van parked on the corner of Broadway and 32nd Street backed up into a popular food truck parked outside the Capitol One Bank today, August 31st, around 2PM sending 3 people to hospital, two of which in critical condition.

Image Via GMA

Image Via GMA

One of the workers of the food truck was rushed to the nearest hospital, according to the NYPD. His condition is yet to be confirmed.

A total of 3 people were injured, with 2 being rushed to Elmhurst Hospital, while the other was taken to Mount Sinai with minor injuries.

The damage was extensive, sending the food truck into the bank’s outer wall, with it’s contents falling all over the curb.

Authorities are still getting an idea of what happened, however it appeared that the white van, allegedly parked on the opposite side of Broadway, suddenly reversed across the intersection and right into the unsuspecting food truck.

Blood could be seen on the curb, along with an American flag which once hung on the food truck.

The Souvlaki food truck has been a staple of the community for well over 10 years, serving up some of the best street food Astoria has to offer.


Image Via GMA

Image Via GMA

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