Have A Duff At Moe’s Tavern This Halloween

By Ilija Sekulovski

Popular bar William Hallet on 36-10 30th Ave is dressing up for Halloween, and nothing say’s Halloween like The Simpsons Halloween special – Moe’s Tavern and all? Seems like William Hallet are always having a blast for Halloween. Last year they dressed up the front of the bar like Bob’s Burgers. Before that, they went with ‘It’s always sunny in Philedelphia.’

This year they’re going all out Moe’s Tavern!

William Hallet/Facebook

William Hallet/Facebook

Springfield’s favorite beer spot and Homer’s go to watering hole will be serving real Duff brews and Flaming Moes, which featured in early episodes of the long running cartoon.

The party begins Saturday, Oct. 29 and Monday, Oct. 31 and the Astoria staple will also be serving Duff beer-flavored Drunken Donuts, and Million Dollar Fries.

There’s also going to be a costume competition for all those looking to blow some competition out

William Hallet/Facebook

William Hallet/Facebook

of the water.






Where: 36-10 30th Ave

Phone(718) 269-3443


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