Trestle To Take On Broadway

By Ilija Sekulovski

There’s a new restaurant coming to Broadway. Trestle will be taking up the spot that once belonged to Astoria Pizza, a pizzeria that quickly went out of business.

The American Bar and Bistro will be set to open some time next year, with refitting and renovations taking place right now. We’ve been past there, however the details of the menu and the overall feel of the place is still up for grabs. From the clean and dark wooden look of it, we’re hoping it isn’t going to be just another stock standard comfort food type of restaurant. The corner of 34th Street and Broadway has seen a few businesses give it a go, but still no luck.

The owner owns a few other bars scattered about New York, so there will be experienced hands behind the flow.

Trestle on the corner of 34th Street and Broadway.

Trestle on the corner of 34th Street and Broadway.

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