Winegasm Closed Due To Health Violations

By Ilija Sekulovski

Image Via Tripadvisor
Image Via Tripadvisor

The Department of Health (DOH) shut down popular Astoria wine bar, Winegasm last week, after discovering a number of violations.

Image Via Tripadvisor

The wine bar, located on 31-86 37th Street was shut down on March 8th when they raked up 40 health code violations.

The violations, uncovered after a routine inspection, consist of evidence of rodents on the premises, and failure to protect food from potential source of contamination, according to a DOH spokesperson.

Other violations include failure by the owners to keep establishment vermin proof, along with inaccurate thermometer in refrigerated and hot food holding spaces.

The bar is set to remain shuttered until the owners have completed the necessary changes. Once it passes another inspections the DOH will clear it for opening.


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