Filming In Astoria, New Drama; Instinct!

By Ilija Sekulovski

A new show called “Instinct” started filming in Astoria today. Starring, Alan CummingBojana NovakovicSharon Leal; according to IMDb, the show is about a former CIA operative (Cumming), who is living a normal life as a gifted professor and writer. He quickly gets pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose.

Have you seen anyone famous in Astoria?

Currently film trucks and crews are set up on Broadway with multiple locations stated on the Pink poster below. Filming was also seen at the new Trestle Bar and Eatery on34-02 Broadway.

Here’s which streets to watch.

Local Eatery Trestle

Broadway filming of new drama Instinct

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