Top locations to celebrate this weekend’s Greek Independence Day Parade!

    Image via Republic Bar Facebook

    This Sunday, April 14th will see the New York City celebrating its Greek community at the annual Greek Independence Day Parade. Astoria, widely known for its large Greek presence, will also be hosting a variety of different events honoring the day; here are Give Me Astoria’s picks to celebrate this weekend’s parade!

    Central Lounge

    Image via Central Lounge Facebook

    Note: Central Lounge will open directly after the end of the parade, at 5PM with free admission until 7PM this Sunday!
    Where: 20-30 Steinway St.
    Phone: 718-726-1600
    Hours: Friday: 8:00PM-4:00AM
    Saturday: 8:00PM-4:00AM


    Image via Caprice NYC Facebook

    Note: Caprice’s hour may vary for this Sunday, April 14th, please call or refer to its Facebook page.

    Where: 31-08 Astoria Blvd.
    Phone: 718-956-7200
    Hours: Thurs-Sun: 11:00PM-4:00AM,

    Republic Bar

    Image via Republic Bar Facebook

    Where: 33-29 Astoria Blvd. N.
    Phone: 718-278-8100
    Hours: Friday: 11:00PM-4:00AM
    Saturday: 10:30PM-4:00AM