Deli workers slashed in robbery at 2401 Gourmet Deli Grocery

By Loulou Chryssides

Two workers, aged 66 and 30, were the victims of a slashing during a robbery at 2401 Gourmet Deli Grocery, located at 24-01 31st St., last night.

At approximately 11:30PM on Tuesday, January 7th, two men allegedly walked into the deli and attempted to steal the store’s ATM machine. According to a breaking report published by Patch, when the deli’s employees attempted to stop the robbery, they were slashed in the face and neck. Both men were treated at Elmhurst Hospital for their injuries.

According to police sources cited by Patch, authorities are still searching for the suspects in the investigation, who were ultimately able to steal the ATM machine and flee.

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