Give Me Spring!

By Loulou Chryssides

The past few months Astoria has showed, once more, what a talented community we are fortunate to be a part of. Now, seemingly more than ever, do we need a little dose of positivity.

Therefore, Give Me Astoria would like to announce our upcoming photography contest for the spring season!

This time, the rules are a bit different. To comply with current social distancing rules, we are not encouraging you all race to the parks and take the best ‘in bloom’ photo. Rather, send us a photo of something you think would boost the overall mood of our community!

Without further ado, here are our guidelines for #GiveMeSpring:

  • Email us your photo along with a title and your full name/Instagram handle.
  • Unlike our previous contests, your spring submission can also be from springs in the past: have a great photo from 2015? Great, send it our way!
  • We will be accepting submissions until Monday, June 1st.


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