NYC Bagels Is Doing Its Part

By Angelica Eranovic

NYC Bagels Astoria
Image courtesy of NYC Bagels.

Image courtesy of NYC Bagels.

NYC Bagels is another local spot staying open for its customers, but alas the stress and pressure of COVID19 is affecting business here as well. Known for the warmth and good vibes, things are just not the same when people aren’t able to sit and enjoy it.

It is hard to keep up with bills when business is so slow, not including issues with vendors who prioritize the “big guys” and supermarkets making supply deliveries more difficult, and also running with less staff. Co-Owner Giannis Batas explains how grateful he is to the staff he has left and encourages them to put their health and needs first. “No one is forced to work and if at any time someone is not feeling 100% they are free to go home and take all the time they need.” He encourages them to stay positive, calm, and tries to create an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable for both the employees and customers. He also knows how important spreading these positive vibes are, and how it reflects on everyone while trying to keep morale up.

Image courtesy of NYC Bagels.

Although you can’t see it through the mask, Batas wants to keep a smile on his customers faces. Every precaution necessary is taken, with workers using masks, gloves, and sneeze guards to put customers at ease. At NYC Bagels, employees are also extremely careful with how things are packed. At the end of the day, everyone is doing the best they can.

Mentally COVID19 has taken a toll on many people, and understandably so. The drama fed on the media only adds to the fear and negativity. Batas remains hopeful things will end soon. “No one sees the positive. No one looks at it as another day to be alive, to focus on the survivors, or cases of COVID decreasing.” People should do what they can to stay sane, and try to stay in touch with their loved ones as much as they can. Until things get better all we can do is take it a day at a time, be understanding of each other, and each do our own part.

Image courtesy of NYC Bagels.

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