RiverCrest: Excited To See Regulars And New Faces Back

By Angelica Eranovic

Image courtesy of RiverCrest.

After months of being open only for pickup and delivery, Rivercrest has opened their outdoor seating during phase two re-openings. The team at Rivercrest is being as diligent as they can to keep everyone as safe as possible during this time. To avoid too much handling of paper menus, they have now introduced 2R coding so all you have to do is snap a picture on your phone and you will be redirected to the menu on the restaurant’s website. Pens, clipboards, and the pickup area are constantly being sanitized, in addition to the staff wearing masks and gloves. They are also continuing to use tamper proof packaging for deliveries. Precautionary measures are being taken as well for a full reopening such as pre-ordering any of these necessary safety materials.

Image courtesy of RiverCrest.

The staff is so excited to see their regulars back and to have met so many new faces, even during the pandemic. Co-Owner Ciara O’Sullivan says that they are so grateful to be a part of such a supportive and tight knit community. Throughout the process of dealing with COVID19, they have definitely missed interacting and having real conversations with their customers. It just isn’t the same through a window. They are also thankful to have been able to stay open in some capacity throughout COVID, even if only for delivery and pickup. It has allowed the staff to remain at the restaurant and has even given time to maintain the cleanliness, small repairs, and otherwise “household duties” that would be hard to do when having a full and busy restaurant.

Although being given the time to work on these improvements was a silver lining during these difficult times, the staff at Rivercrest is so eager to open up their large indoor space that fits close to 200 people. However, they understand that everything being done is for the safety of the community, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Rivercrest stands behind waiting to open up fully until it is the right time.

Until then O’Sullivans advice is to remain as optimistic as possible and know this situation is not forever. “It is a mentality that takes practice. You just have to try and implement positive thinking throughout the day until it kind of sticks”. She also encourages that while everyone should do their part to stay safe, wearing their masks and sanitizing their hands and spaces, that it is important to still try and do things that make you happy and not always be so hard on yourself. Always remember that everyone is just doing the best that they can.

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Image courtesy of RiverCrest.

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