Shop Safe & Smart at The Food Emporium on Broadway!

By Loulou Chryssides

Food shopping can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Where can I get groceries for the fairest price? How do I know these products are of fresh quality? Luckily for us, The Food Emporium’s Broadway location offers safe, quality shopping at an affordable price. Opened in December 2019, the supermarket is owned by the same family that ran the previous C-Town location for 30+ years.

So, what ultimately differentiates The Food Emporium from other neighborhood supermarkets? For starters, with Astoria’s lack of parking in mind, The Food Emporium offers free parking for all customers to not feel rushed and shop for everything they need at their leisure. An added perk? The supermarket also offers delivery options, for those who might not be up to in-person shopping.

As a special treat for Give Me Astoria readers, The Food Emporium’s Broadway location is offering 10% off your purchase of $50 through November 30th!  Show the ad above to redeem your offer.

Happy shopping!

The Food Emporium

29-10 Broadway



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