Pumpkin Spice at Parisi Bakery

By Angelica Eranovic

You thought we’d finish that with latte, didn’t you?

Fall is in the air! This month officially seals us into sweater weather, fall scented candles, booties, and of course PUMPKIN SPICE. We know you probably already have your go-to pumpkin spice lattes covered, but there are tons of other delicious goodies celebrating fall’s signature flavor. Here’s where to get them!

Pumpkin Cheesecake at Parisi Bakery

The creamy satisfying cheesecake love with a fall-flavored twist. Parisi Bakery has been offering hand-rolled bakery goods since 1969. Pick up your order 7 days a week from their corner store location.

30-17 Broadway | 718.728.5282

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