Astoria TikTok Star Mike Schute

By Alexander Lee

Local TikTokers share Astoria pride with thousands of fans.

Popular TikToker Mike Schulte—who currently boasts 83,000 followers at @mikeschultenyc—feels similarly. A native New Yorker, he became a de facto Astorian when he started dating his future wife, then an Astoria resident.

“It’s one of the few places that you can get that real true essence of New York,” Schulte said.

These TikTokers are only a few of the creators whose online content has boosted the prominence of our cozy neighborhood. Whether you’re a longtime resident or an Astoria fan from afar, you can get your fill of everything Astoria by hopping on TikTok, following these prolific creators, and viewing #astoria.

TikTokers of all ages are welcome!

Follow him here @mikeschultenyc



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