Who let the dogs out?

By Ellen Levitt

Local hot spots for you and your canine

As the saying goes, dogs are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, and that happens to be particularly true here in Astoria. Whenever you step out your door, the streets are alive with the sounds of barking, panting, tail-wagging pups, such as Coco, Bunchy, Carly and Buster. You’ve probably strolled past these four-legged locals and other pooches throughout the neighborhood. Astoria may be lacking in the backyard department, but that doesn’t mean canines can’t find love in an apartment (see what we did there?). Small or large, shaggy or fine-haired, Astoria’s dog population is as diverse as its human.

Photo by Ellen Levitt

Photo by Ellen Levitt

Like we said, we may not have a big, fenced-in backyard, but we make up for that with our parks. Some of the go-to hot spots for local dog owners are Astoria Park, Socrates Sculpture Park and Rainey Park. If your dog prefers to scamper about freely off its leash and you appreciate scenery, then head down to Bugsy’s Dog Run for some East River views on the Shore Boulevard edge of Astoria Park.

While you’re in the area, you may as well mosey on down the road to the Triborough Bridge Playground C Dog Run on Hoyt Avenue South. This shady, waterside dog run is perfect for taking artistic photos of your favorite Fido.

Photo by Ellen Levitt

Photo by Ellen Levitt

If you decide to venture to Socrates, it would be sinful not to visit Chateau le Woof right across the street, a café that offers food and drink for every person and every breed. You and your fur baby getting stir crazy at home? Make Chateau le Woof your office for the day. Their WiFi password? “ilovedogs,” of course.

Socrates even expresses their love for dogs with a dog sculpture near the entrance, and that’s not the only place in the neighborhood that combines puppers with artwork. Head over to the Two Coves Community Garden to witness a powerful mural of a dog titled “ADOPT.” The piece is as beautiful as it is inspiring – if you’re interested in having a fur baby of your own, get in touch with Bobbi & the Strays, Animal Rescue Queens or any number of other rescue shelters in Queens/NYC.

If you’re feeling thirsty, your dog is more than welcome to be your drinking buddy over at The Wolfhound on 30th Avenue. Their logo even features a handsome doggo. Or perhaps all of our talk last month about pizza has got you in the mood – Macoletta Pizza and their dog-friendly outdoor seating await you.

Spring is a better time than ever to take in the sights of Astoria with your pup, and if you’re not a dog owner yourself but can’t resist a furry face, then you’re in the right place; they are filling the streets as much as the flowers are. Remember: like a good neighbor, poop bags are there.


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