Oliver’s Is All You Need

image Oliver's Instagram

Editor’s Pick: Oliver’s Is All You Need You know how people love to say, “this place has something for everyone?” Well it doesn’t get more literal than that at Oliver’s Astoria. For all you trivia lovers, come make your Monday not so “Monday-ish” and test your drunken knowledge, then nurse your hangover the next day…

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Tribeca Film Festival Finds a New Home in Queens

Image via Shutterstock

For the first time since its inception in 2002, the renown Tribeca Film Festival is shifting locations from its standard Manhattan venue to all five boroughs. Our beloved Queens is proud to announce that Rockaway Beach, Flushing Meadows Park and Astoria are all scheduled to partake in hosting the 12-day festival during its June 9th…

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Fresh Cedar: Take your Spring Cleaning to a whole new level

We’ve all been there: finally reach the end of the work week and instead of relaxing, you whip out your list of weekend errands, with arguably the most common (and most dreadful) being cleaning. Thankfully, family-owned-and-operated cleaning service, Fresh Cedar, is determined to give their clients that free time back. The Hawari family of five…

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Congratulations Dallas Gonzales

photo Sonia Mylonas

Give Me Winter Photography Contest Winner! Our winter photography winner, Dallas Gonzales, is a perfect match for our little Astoria: he loves the food, the small town feel versus the city and, of course, the charming and inspiring atmosphere that is every photographer’s dream. He started dabbling with the craft in 2013 after a photo…

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86 Logic: The artist behind the apron

Photo Mike Ferrin & Zach Whitman/Justin Rodgers, Curv Entertainment

For those of you who may not know, in the restaurant industry, the term “86” refers to the act of getting rid of/running out of something. For Astoria locals, Mike Ferrin and Zach Whitman, this came to mean far more than running out of waffles during a slam-packed brunch. When Zach and Mike met in…

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KX Burger & Beyond

Photo via kxburgerandbeyond.com / website

The Gold Burger Welcome to KX Burger, home of the Gold Burger, can I take your order? If you’re a 90s kid, you’re probably chuckling. If you’re not, sorry, but we had better TV than you. Good news is, no matter what year you were born, the Gold Burger at KX Burger will blow your…

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WAM Food Hall

THE WORLD ARTISAN MARKET Astoria’s Food Scene Never Ceases to Amaze  The sense of community within Astoria proves to be a force to be reckoned with once again with the World Artisan Market, located at the conjunction of Kaufman Astoria Creative District, Dutch Kills LIC and the Sunnyside Yards. As restaurants, bars and cafes alike…

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We’re Truly Sorry If You Haven’t Been to Psari, Yet

As we all know, Astoria is essentially one, giant smorgasbord, with Greek cuisine probably taking the cake in terms of popularity. Now, if you like Greek food, it’s safe to say you like seafood, and if you like seafood, but you haven’t been to Psari yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

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