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Is it just us or is there dog poop everywhere?

As our aforementioned title states, what’s the scoop (or no scoop) on dog poop on what seems like every corner of Astoria? The culprit...

Valentine’s Day in Astoria: there’s something for everyone!

February’s here and we all know what that means: countless Instagrams of either ‘singles awareness’ memes or photos of couples you kind of knew...

Astorians, rejoice, our trains are back!

Picture it: a long, freezing winter’s day (thanks, Polar Vortex), and the subway station closest to home is closed for renovations. You’re forced to...

‘Affordable housing’ in Astoria? Think again.

Is living in Astoria a dream of yours you’d like to make a reality? Well, this might just be your lucky day. According to...
Burgerology shakes

Brace for some serious bites at Burgerology

A staple at almost every restaurant chain, fast food store, and ‘American’ style restaurant throughout the world, burgers have become just about the most...
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Where were you the night the sky went blue?

Is it the end of the world? An alien invasion? Thankfully, none of the above. According to Con Edison, the explanation for the occurrence...
Palermo pizza

Try a true slice of Italy at Palermo

Try a true slice of Italy at Palermo What does one really look for when trying a new restaurant in the neighborhood? While everyone’s personal...

‘Tis the Season to shop in Astoria!

It’s official—the holiday season has arrived in full swing, and it feels like you’ve barely even had any time to digest that Thanksgiving feast....

Curb your coffee craving at Cascara Coffee & Tea

Astoria, much like many other NYC neighborhoods, is slowly but surely experiencing the influx of larger-name brands and chain stores into the area. To...

Victory Garden Café: Serving some of the most delicious Greek treats in Astoria

What comes to mind for many when they think of Astoria? Personally speaking, I can say from experience that anytime I’ve mentioned that I’m...

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