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Astoria, Queens
Sunday, May 26, 2019

King of Falafel: The Friendliest, Funniest, Falafeliest Street Vendor Ever.

If you know Astoria, you know Freddy Zeideia...better known as the King of Falafel and Shawarma. The King of Falafel and Shawarma was originally a...

Flo Lounge: The Prettiest Little Lounge There Ever Was

If we were to sum up Flo Lounge and Restaurant in one word, it would be BEAUTIFUL. You guys. Flo is absolutely gorgeous. On...

Martha’s Bakery: Dessert heaven. Literally. We could die here.

When you mention "Martha's," practically every New Yorker knows what you're talking about. A quick Instagram search of #MarthasCountryBakery gives you more than 2,000...

William Hallet: More Whiskey and Turducken Than We Can Handle.

This week's Give Me Astoria: Pick of the Week is William Hallet! Founded by George Rallis (who's hilariously awkward interview you can read here) in...

Sakura Sushi

10:00 pm sushi cravings are not something to be taken lightly. On our quest for the perfect salmon roll to fill the sushi emptiness inside...

Astor Bake Shop: Cozy, tasty, and adorable!

Astor Bake Shop is one of the CUTEST bakeries in Astoria. Seriously, located on 12-23 Astoria Blvd, Astor Bake Shop is a corner bakery...

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Sunday morning crash near Astoria Blvd. damages multiple cars

This story is developing... Residents were awakened to the sound of multiple vehicles crashing into each other when what was believed to be a stolen...
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